Slurry Pump Liner Replacement


This slurry pump has a big problem… It has a broken liner and needs to be replaced.

What did we do and how did the repair/replacement process progress?

  • Removed old liner from gland casing
  • Take note that we need to replace the old impeller as well
  • Inspect the shaft and the O-ring of the shaft sleeve
  • *During any repair or replacement job, it’s a good idea to replace the O-ring
  • Prepare casing for the new liner
  • Prepare shaft for reassembly of the pump
  • Installation of the new packing and the dry gland
  • Suction casing with new liner installed
  • Install new dry gland sleeve
  • Apply anti-sieze on new impeller
  • Install new impeller
  • Install suction casing
  • Adjust shaft to set up the proper clearance between the impeller and suction casing.
  • Reconnect discharge and suction flanges

You can also find the detailed step by step on our new resources page.

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