Privacy Policy

Industrial Pump Repair Canada Privacy Policy

More details coming soon…

At Industrial Pump Repair Canada, we take several measures to ensure your privacy as a user of this site.


Our site is encrypted with modern SSL technology that encrypts traffic from our server to your browser. This ensures no one can interject themselves in the middle to snoop on your traffic.

Analytics and Tracking

We use Google Analytics to track how users like you use our site. This is anonymous data and is in no way identifiable as a particular human being. Analytics is used to measure marketing efforts and to see where people are coming to our site from, and how they navigate once here.

As of this moment we do not facilitate the use of any pixel based tracking to retarget for marketing purposes.


We do not directly use cookies for any business or practical use. Our website system may however use anonymous cookies to store temporary data about your time on the site. We do not retrieve or use this information in any way.

Contact Form Submissions

Any information that you transmit to Industrial Pump Repair Canada through our contact forms is emailed directly to us over our encrypted connection. The details of the email are used strictly to contact you back about the specific issue as messaged.

We may in the future use your email address to communicate with you about follow up service, or just to check to see if you need any help from time to time.

Please contact us if you have any questions, or return to Industrial Pump Repair Canada.