Industrial Pump Repair Canada also repairs industrial blowers.

Air flow and gas flow are vital for many industrial and commercial applications. Moving massive volumes of air/gas for either ventilation or production processes requires heavy duty equipment called industrial blowers.

Industrial blowers are comprised of giant fans or blades that spin rapidly to force air from one area to another. They’re most often found in the following types of workplace environment:

  • Combustion – Air flow is needed for the fires to burn.
  • Air Conditioning – Relies on industrial blowers to move hot air out, and cold air in.
  • Ventilation – Keep air circulating with the use of industrial blowers.

Industrial Blower Fans – Repairs and Service Requests

We service and repair all makes and models of industrial blower fans. If you are having difficulty with your unit’s fans, impellers, rotating mechanisms, electronics or anything else, please contact us.

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