Dorr Oliver Pumps Repair & Replacement Parts

We provide service, repair, and replacement parts for, Dorr Oliver Gorator© pumps, ODS® diaphragm pumps, Dorrco®  6W, Dorrco®  8W, and Olivate® centrifugal pumps used in mining, wastewater management, dredging, steel and other industries where heavy-wearing and heavy-duty are necessary. We supply aftermarket ODS Diaphragm, Body Check Valve, Compression Spring, Diaphragm Pump Seat, Diaphragm Pump Seat Ball, ODS pump Clamps, Operation Rod, Retention Rings, ODS pump Yoke and Gaskets etc. 

Our technicians will repair and rebuild your Dorr Oliver pumps and replacement parts in the shortest time and cost-effectively.

                                        AODSP Pump in Action 

The AODSP Pump

                                             The AODSP Pump

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