Dewatering- Centrifugal Pump Rentals


Efficient dewatering with our centrifugal pump rental service! When faced with excess water or flooding, our reliable and high-performance centrifugal pumps are here to provide effective dewatering solutions for your needs.


Our rental fleet features a wide range of top-quality centrifugal pumps designed specifically for dewatering applications. These pumps are capable of handling various water volumes and pressures, allowing for efficient water removal from construction sites, excavation areas, basements, and more.


Renting a centrifugal pump for dewatering purposes is a cost-effective and efficient solution. It eliminates the need for upfront investment, maintenance, and storage, allowing you to focus on your project without unnecessary expenses or hassles.


Contact us today to discuss your dewatering needs and discover how our centrifugal pump rental service can assist you in effectively managing excess water and ensuring a dry and safe environment.


Godwin CD150M Dewatering Pump

 Godwin CD150M Dewatering Pump  

Venturi air priming device, application for sewage, slurries, and liquids with solids up to 

3.0″ in diameter 

Suction 6”  150#ANSI B16.5 /Discharge 6”   150#ANSI B16.5 

Max: 2290 GPM 

Max pressure: 70 psi / Max operating speed: 2200 RPM 

John Deer engine