Industrial Pump Repair and Service
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Precision & Accuracy
Attention to detail assures a seamless process and satisfied customer:
The Latest Technologies
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Our Technicians can recreate and repair virtually any type or brand of pump and seal:

Industrial Pump Repair Canada

Industrial Pump Repair Canada was established to serve Municipal, Industrial, and Commercial pump repair and service markets. Our technicians have over 35 years experience in this field. They can provide the highest quality service and products for our customers.

Our Main Strengths Are:

  • Reliable -We stand behind are work
  • Fast turnaround -We service your pump at the shortest time possible
  • On budget¬† -We work on budget given the best service
  • High quality -We provide the highest quality on the market
  • Excellent customer service¬† -We work closely with our customers to ensure that their pump repair needs are fulfilled

Our main goal is to build a long lasting  excellent relationship with our customers who entrust us with their pump repair and pump service needs. We are dedicated to a fast turnaround service so that our customers have no down time.

Pump Repair Capabilities

We have the capability for repairing most sizes and types of mechanical seals and industrial pumps, machining the parts, lapping and carbon face manufacturing.

We are able to repair by reverse engineering unknown brands mechanical seals.

The Mechanical Seal Department is capable of refurbishing and repairing seals of virtually any type, from any manufacturer.

Fast Deliveries and Modification Recommendations from our Technicians

Industrial Pump Repair is an excellent choice for your mechanical pump and seal repair and service needs.